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Mini brewery - pub "Būsi Trečias" is the oldest this kind of establishment in Vilnius. We have been working since 1996 and we are the longest running pub in Totorių street.

The "Būsi Trečias" means "you will be the third". This sentence comes from the Soviet Union, when one bottle of vodka cost three rubles. Two guys (who did not want to get drunk, but to get "warm") were looking for a colleague, who would like to share the expenses and drinks. Therefore they were standing by the shop showing some special sign or just asking "are you gonna be the third?", everyone knew the real meaning of this question. When they found the third person, they club together three rubles, bought bottle of beer and vodka, split into three equal parts and leave, some of them meet for the their first and last time. Therefore "Būsi Trečias" carries not only the meaning of drinking, but also the meanings of company, sharing, communicating, i.e. everything what you see in the pub!

We offer our own beer (light lager and black beer), which is brewed in the basement, just under the bar so beer goes straight from the barrel to the glass. We also offer beer cocktails (from cherry to banana tasted beer).

We also serve food from morning till late. Our kitchen serves the mix of Lithuanian and European cuisines.

There are more than 150 places to sit. We have a hall on the ground floor and two halls upstairs.

We are a family business - small but reliable, friendly and happy! You can even be served by the owner and founder of this place or his twin sons.

Don't be shy and come around to taste our beer and atmosphere!


P.S. we collect foreign currency, so if you have petty cash/change with you, we will be very happy to put it to our collection.